Tebow to Thomas in OT

Tim Tebow game winning pass to beat Steelers in OT


Tim Tebow game winning pass to Demaryius Thomas to beat Steelers in OT in wild card round of the playoffs. The first game with the new overtime rules ends with an 80 yard touchdown pass on the first play.

TEBOWMANIA… Thousands of Fired-Up Fans Greet Tim Tebow as He Enters Stadium for Playoffs (Video)
…Update: WOO-HOO! Tebow Wins in OT on First Play!

Jim Hoft

Tim Tebow is greeted by throngs of chanting fans as he enters Mile High Stadium.

Today he faces the Steelers in his first playoff game as a NFL pro.

“Tim Tebow, We Love You!”

This is the Bronco’s first postseason game in six years.

Denver Post reported:

After six long, often-tumultuous years, postseason football is back in Denver.

The Broncos, after claiming their first AFC West title since 2005, today host the Pittsburgh Steelers for the right to advance to the divisional round of the playoffs against the New England Patriots​, and erase the memory of a three-game losing streak to end the regular season.

“We’ve got another opportunity that not all teams in this league get that opportunity. We’re going to make the most of it,” head coach John Fox said Friday.

UPDATE: WOO-HOO!!! Tebow Wins in OT on FIrst Play!!
Pass to Thomas for 80 yards ends sends the Steelers packing.

* * *

Related: What GOP Candidates Could Learn From Tim Tebow, By Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

…Tebow proudly proclaims his faith to all who will listen and even to those who don’t. He prays publically, talks openly about the role of faith in his life and even shares the particular benefits which his faith brings him. — Clearly, doing this has touched millions of people and continues to be a story that fascinates he nation.

What Tebow does not do however, is tell people what God’s plan is for him or his team. He goes out of his way to explain that he has no idea if God wants the Broncos to win or even if God really cares one way or the other. He certainly does not present himself or his style of play as a gift from God or more in line with God’s will than other players might be.
Unfortunately, those seeking the presidency have a problem combining that kind of deep faith with genuine modesty…

…we are a nation of Tim Tebows, trying to live our chosen faiths with pride and sincerity, while maintaining a measure of humility about the specifics of what God wants and how God’s plan will play out…

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