Ted Cruz Owns Texas as Tea Party Rules the Election




Steven Ahle

With the results of yesterday’s runoff elections in Texas, two things were made perfectly clear.  First, the Tea Party rules, it is alive and doing well, and Ted Cruz and his wing of the Republican party owns Texas.  Sorry, Rick Perry, your timing was lousy.

It was a night that was never supposed to happen.  Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who was considered a shoo in for election the job of Lt. Governor.  He had said this would be his last election, win or lose.  His career in public service appears to be over.  He was beaten by Dan Patrick, a radio talk show host and state senator, who started the Tea Party caucus in the Texas legislature.  Voters saw Dewhurst as far too moderate and seemed afraid to engage and was content to follow the status quo.  Patrick is considered a firebrand.

Here is part of Patrick’s acceptance speech:

“Salute the Tea Party of Texas!”   Tea Party folks love America, they love the Constitution, they love (free) markets, they love the Second Amendment and they love Texas. … If you love America, welcome to the grass roots of the Republican Party.”…



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