Terror-Sponsor China Awarded 9-11 Memorial Tower Contract

September 11, 2009
by Edward Olshaker
American Thinker

When a contract to produce blast-resistant glass for the 9-11 memorial tower at Ground Zero was awarded to a Chinese manufacturer earlier this year, the Harrisburg Patriot-News editorial board expressed outrage at what they described as a snub to Americans, and to Pennsylvanians in particular:

Despite the fact that three American glass manufacturers, including Pittsburgh-headquartered PPG Industries, spent months working with the tower architects to plan and develop a new kind of glass for floors one through 20, none of these American companies was awarded the contract to make the glass. The shun is reverberating in central Pennsylvania, too. One of PPG’s main plants is in Carlisle.

Scores of American workers right here in the midstate — not too far from where another of the planes went down that fateful Sept. 11, 2001 — will no longer be a part of building the new tower.

That “honor” is going to Chinese workers, mainly because they get paid so little.

After noting that the name of the long-planned structure had recently been changed from Freedom Tower to One World Trade Center, the editorial also observes, “It’s a bit fishy that the same month the Port Authority decides freedom is no longer a marketable virtue, Beijing company Vantone Industrial leases floors 64 through 69 in the tower (or, we should say, the building ‘formerly known as the tower’).”

This article is a “must read” and continues here.

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