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Jay Carney Stunned into Silence

Fox Nation


Wendell Goler: The President has voiced support for the Occupy folks in the past, or at least their goals, did their actions in Chicago sour his support?

Jay Carney: Well I think you’re making broad comparisons between uh uh different groups, what the President has said in the past is uh he has understood uh the frustrations Americans have about ((pause))  the  ((pause)) failure in particular of Wall Street in some cases to uh uh, (pause) well obviously Wall Street’s role in the financial crisis that precipitated the worst recession since the Great Depression.


Over the weekend in Chicago, Occupy protesters set fires, attacked cops and causes mayhem in an attempt to disrupt the NATO summit. There were arrests, injuries and property damage. President Obama has voiced support and solidarity with the Occupy movement in the past and hasn’t denounced the violence.

CAJ note: Wendell Goler is clearly just a racist hater. Oh. No. Wait…

UpdateThe President and the Democrats Have a Problem

Well, they have quite a few of them, but Michelle [Malkin]’s first talking about White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and the gaping spaces in his response to Wendell Goler of Fox News on the president’s previous support for #OWS.

It’s excellent…

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