The 'Free Justina' Story Hits The Dr. Phil Show Monday

Michael Graham
The Natural Truth

My friends at the Dr. Phil show sent me a note letting me know that they are very interested in the Justina Pelletier story and will be airing an episode featuring Lou Pelletier on Monday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day).

Click here to view two short clips.

From the Dr. Phil show email:

Justina’s family hope their appearance on the DR. PHIL show will not only draw national attention to their plight, but also expose Boston Children’s Hospital’s alleged abuse of power before the situation becomes even more tragic.  Is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts saving the girl’s life or putting her in danger?  Justina’s father, Lou, told Dr. Phil during the taping that “if there was ever a person to talk about the abuse of psychological over medical [it is you].”

On behalf of the Pelletier family–Thank you, Dr. Phil.

UPDATE! There’s a rally at the courthouse in Boston Monday 12:30-1:30pm calling for Justina to be released (she’s still be held away from her parents!) Click here for details.








Update:   Amish vs. the Courts: Family Speaks Out on Fleeing the U.S. to Escape Court-Mandated Chemo  (video)

Disclaimer: ReasonTV visited the Hershbergers in Homerville, Ohio. Amish law precludes formal interview settings, but the Hershbergers spoke with ReasonTV at length about Sarah’s case and allowed us to record them.

For nearly a year, 11-year-old Sarah Hershberger has simultaneously been battling cancer and a court case. Last April, she was diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma, a rare cancer. Her doctor encouraged her to immediately start chemotherapy, and she quickly began her first treatment.

The side effects took their toll, and the Hershbergers feared for Sarah’s well-being. They decided to discontinue treatment. “[The chemotherapy] was really good, but stopping at that point was the best investment we did,” says Andy Hershberger, Sarah’s father.

“We were pretty sure we were going to lose her if we kept doing the chemo,” says Anna Hershberger, Sarah’s mother. The Hershbergers wanted to pursue a more natural treatment, then return to the chemotherapy if necessary.

Akron Children’s Hospital was not open to discussing alternative or supplemental treatments, and officials there expressed concern that Sarah would die if she discontinued treatment. The hospital eventually went on the offensive.

“Akron Children’s Hospital originally tried to have Sarah Hershberger taken away from her parents and Medina County Children Services flat out refused to do that. They said these parents are suitable parents, they are high quality parents, they’re loving parents,” says the Hershbergers attorney, Maurice Thompson.

The hospital continued to push the issue all the way to an appellate court, arguing that “A finding of parental ‘suitability’ does not end a probate court’s inquiry. Parental rights, even if based upon firm belief and honest convictions can be limited in order to protect the ‘best interests’ of the child.”…

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