The Gosnell Embargo Cracks




John Hayward
Human Events

Liberal journalist Kirsten Powers has been clearing her throat and trying to get the attention of her Big Media colleagues for some time now, as she marveled at the nearly absolute embargo placed by every major network on the Kermit Gosnell abortion horror story.  Informed conservatives who bypass the MSM for information might be surprised at just how completely the story has been erased from  left-wing mediaspace.  The level of iron message discipline required to suppress the Gosnell horror is quite remarkable; it’s even more complete than the embargo on Benghazi news damaging to the Obama Administration during the election, or Operation Fast and Furious.

Powers has had enough.  She blew her stack in the pages of USA Today

…Erick Erickson at RedState perceptively observes that coverage would have been far more extensive, and outraged, if Gosnell’s victims had been animals:

Had Kermit Gosnell killed dogs, HLN would be giving it wall to wall coverage as they do all sorts of sensational trials. Nancy Grace would be in full outrage mode every night through the course of the trial. It’s sad that a man who engaged in horrific acts of barbarism will never be as known to the public as Casey Anthony or George Zimmerman because Gosnell’s crime is viewed as less than a crime by the vast majority of the producers of American news…


…From, here’s what the reserved seats for the media looked like all day at the Gosnell trial.  Still wonder why you’re not hearing any mainstream media news?




Read the entire article at Human Events.


Related: Politico and’s turn to explain Gosnell blackout

…Politico‘s search engine pops out 165 results on Trayvon Martin (local crime story in Florida), 94 stories on Komen, 233 on Sandra Fluke and 866 on Todd Akin.

Guess how many stories Politico has published on Gosnell…

…It’s all very instructive. How did we get a media that is choosing to hide this story? Through many individual actions. How do they maintain the system? Lack of transparency and lack of accountability certainly help.

One last thing. The image above is the search engine for Politico. If you type in Gosnell, you’ll see two interesting things. One is that they have literally no coverage at all. The other is that it’s the most searched for news topic. Talk about serving your customers, eh? That’s some commitment to the blackout.


Rep. Chris Smith: “If Gosnell Had Shot Seven Infants With an AR-15, It Would be National News”

…Criticizing President Obama for exploiting the Newtown massacre to push a “de facto repeal of the Second Amendment,” on the grounds that if it could save one life it would be worth it, the editorial goes on to point out that, as a state senator, Obama twice voted against a bill entitled the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act.” That bill, IBD notes, “Defined a baby who ‘breathes or has a beating heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or definite movement of the voluntary muscles, regardless of whether the umbilical cord has been cut’ as a legal person entitled to the full protection of the law, regardless of the circumstances of its birth.”…


Obama Hands Weekly Address Over to Sandy Hook Parent  Because manipulating the public with the parent of a Newtown victim suits his anti-Constitution pro-tyranny agenda; infants murdered by an elderly black physician do not.


And where does this corrupt POS stand on murdered children? Well, it depends upon what’s in it for him:
Dem Sen. Richard Blumenthal Uses “Massacre Of 20 Beautiful Children” In Newtown To Beg For $5 Campaign Donations…


The British newspapers have been shamefully ahead of the curve on the Gosnell story:
Dr Kermit Gosnell: truly horrifying allegations of the murder of babies that the US media are playing down:

This is written in haste, at the end of a day full of meetings. But British readers must know about the case of Dr Kermit Gosnell, which has been played down in the American media – possibly because the allegations of a homicidal abortion doctor don’t fit into their pro-choice narrative…

Boom! Got it in one.


Finally, yesterday Megan McArdle wrote: Why I Didn’t Write About Gosnell’s Trial–And Why I Should Have

…To start, it makes me ill.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to read the grand jury inquiry. I am someone who cringes when I hear a description of a sprained ankle.

But I understand why my readers suspect me, and other pro-choice mainstream journalists, of being selective—of not wanting to cover the story because it showcased the ugliest possibilities of abortion rights. The truth is that most of us tend to be less interested in sick-making stories—if the sick-making was done by “our side.”

Of course, I’m not saying that I identify with criminal abortionists who kill infants and grievously wound their patients.  But I am pro-choice…


The Atlantic is a bit tetchy when hypocrisy is called out. How Did the Gosnell Trial Bring Guns and Abortion Together Like This?

…”If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted.” This is presumably trying to link two conservative arguments — that fetuses are defenseless and that guns are useful for defense — but it frankly introduces more questions than it answers. For example: Is a baby’s eyesight in utero so good that it can aim a handgun through a cervix?…


H/T Jim Treacher

In my experience only a 12 year old boy in need of an attitude adjustment would write something that stupidly defensive.


Update: Vile Feminazi Amanda Marcotte: “Feeding Frenzy Over Gosnell” A Reminder About “Hatred Towards Women”…


Update 2: More headlines today via American Power:

Elizabeth Scalia, “Is MSM Awareness of Gosnell a Wave in Tide of God’s Mercy?”

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Sister Toldjah, “Quotes of the Day on the MSM blackout of Kermit #Gosnell trial coverage”

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Ed Driscoll, “NBC News Blows The Lid Off the Kermit Gosnell Trial”

Weasel Zippers,  Abortionist Slit Necks Of Babies Born Alive In Front Of Teenage Employee, Told Assistant, “That’s What You Call A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off”…


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