The ‘N-Word is November’ — Black Conservatives at National Press Club

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I just picked this up at Villainous Company:

I can’t recommend this enough. About 3/4 of the way through I found myself watching with tears running down my face.

They were tears of pride, and oddly, hope. To the extent that there is something called the black community, they should be proud to embrace Americans like these.

That we live in a world that ridicules and demonizes men and women of such caliber strikes me as unbearably sad.

And that’s Bob Parks of the National Advisory Council at the second video below:

“I think with the Tea Party, we are going to hear the ‘N-word’ a lot in the next few weeks and months,” Parks said.

“That ‘N-word’ is November. And I very much look forward to hearing it.”

See also, “Journalists Versus Black Conservatives“:

This press conference affords us an opportunity to see something pretty rare in today’s liberal-dominated political environment: reporters asking adversarial questions.

Since liberals dominate the executive and legislative branches in 2010, and come pretty close to dominating the judicial branch, most of the “journalistic” activity we get to see in press conferences is softball questions, admiration and adulation from reporters.

But when it’s conservatives facing the questions, get ready for the kind of tough questions legend tells us reporters used to ask as a part of their job.

Get black conservatives at the podium and you’ll see downright hostile questioning. That’s what happened on Aug. 4 when several black Tea Party supporters (including some Tea Party headliners) came together at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to refute the liberal charges of racism against the Tea Party movement.

The video starts with Joyce Jones of Black Enterprise brought up the discredited claim that Rep. John Lewis was spit on and called racist names at a health care protest in Washington D.C. several months ago. Apparently no dearth of evidence matters when the charge is “racism” against the most powerful political force ever to oppose liberalism.



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