The Secret Plan to Defeat the Right Forever

… And RightOnline is all OVER it
Posted by Caleb Howe
Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Tomorrow, Pittsburgh is going to be home to thousands of political activists from both sides of the aisle. (Although if you watch cable news you would think it was only the left.) Netroots Nation and RightOnline are both in town for their annual events. And although there will probably be little if any crossover traffic, there is certain to be crossover content.

Take, for example, card check, otherwise known as the inaptly named Employee Free Choice Act. Tomorrow at RightOnline the first afternoon session is titled: “Forced Unionization: Card Check, Mandatory Arbitration, & Right to Work,” on why and how card check will cement progressive power.

At Netroots Nation, the AFL-CIO is hosting a session titled “The Secret Plan to Defeat the Right Forever,” on why and how card check will cement progressive power. It’s going on right now, but you won’t find it on the AFL-CIO site. They recently deleted the blog entry discussing it. Curious.

I was able to interview Erik Telford of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, organizer of RightOnline, about just why it is that both the left and the right would have such a similarly themed session at the respective events. Keep reading for that interview PLUS: the blog post the AFL-CIO doesn’t want you to see.

First, let’s see the union blog’s description of their course here.

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