The Secretary of State Project

“The Dirty Dozen Minus Three”: The Secretary of State Project
Carol Greenberg

This is a long read but I guarantee it is worth it. You will be amazed and stunned, although for most of us on this side we aren’t stunned much anymore.

I thought it was lost forever. Jay Leno played it over and over in 2000 and early 2001 after the Bush v. Gore presidential race amongst gaffaws of his audience and myself. Who can forget this poll worker scrutinizing a ballot in Florida. Is it a hanging chad or a pregnant chad? Katherine Harris was the Secretary of State in Florida during this election and according to the election law she interpreted in her state she declared George W. Bush the winner in a hotly contested race which the US Supreme Court eventually decided. Ms. Harris was either a hero or vilified. There was no middle ground. She was the catalyst which propelled GWB into the Oval Office.

The Secretary of State is the chief elections official in each state, so he/she is responsible for the conduct of elections and establishment of election day rules. A position and role mostly unknown by the majority of citizens in this country before the 2000 election.

Someone of great wealth recognized the power of the Secretaries of State. The power to ultimately decide, perhaps by manipulating and interpreting state election law partisanly, to place their chosen candidate into office.

And the name of the person I am referring to is George Soros.

Most everyone has heard his name. Most don’t know his background and don’t care. He stays behind the scenes and pulls the strings. And he didn’t like it much that Katherine Harris put GWB into office. Not his candidate. “I wanted Gore to win, and this will never happen again! So what can I do about it?

I can create the Secretary of State Project. I can back monetarily and help propel Democratic Secretaries of States into office in the states where I feel they can help my candidate into office.” Here is a quote from the website:

Since we launched in the fall of 2005, we have engaged in eleven races and have backed the winning candidate in nine states, including: Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, New Mexico, Montana, Nevada, West Virginia and Missouri. We lost only in Michigan and Colorado (and there by a tiny margin).

According to the founders of the Secretary of State Project include movie actor Rob Reiner, Norman Lear, Drummond Pike (co-founder and president of the TIDES foundation) and SEIU.

What a surprise. Ballotpedia goes on to say:

The SOS Project stems largely from the Democracy Alliance, an unapologetically self-described ‘liberal organization’ founded in 2005 “whose long-term objective is to raise $200 million to develop a funding clearinghouse for progressive groups.

1. Mark Ritchie, MN
2. Kate Brown, OR
3. Michael Mauro, IA
4. Ross Miller, NV
5. Mary Herrara, NM
6. Natalie Tennant, WVA
7. Linda McCulloch, MT
8. Robin Carnahan, MO
9. Jennifer Brunner, OH

Added to the target list for 2010 are Jocelyn Benson of MI and Debra Bowen of CA.

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