They can’t stop lying! Leftists revive false claim that Romney borrowed his campaign slogan from the KKK


First they claimed Mitt Romney said “I can relate to black people, my ancestors once owned slaves.”

That was a lie.

Then they claimed Romney wants to get rid of Martin Luther King Day and called the holiday “irrelevant.”

Those were lies, too.

Now they are claiming Romney’s campaign slogan, “Keep America American,” is identical to a slogan once used by the Ku Klux Klan…

…Once again, the claim is completely untrue.

As Snopes noted,

[T]he phrase “Keep America American” is not (and never has been) the slogan of Republican Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Romney’s official campaign slogan, which he began using in April 2011, is “Believe in America.”

The “real reporters” in the mainstream media started this smear back in December 2011. When the lie was exposed, an embarrassed Washington Post ran this Editor’s Note…

…Even MSNBC host Chris Matthews, not known as an apologist for the Republican Party, called the Klan claim “irresponsible and incendiary.”

Read the complete article, and more amazingly crude and ignorant ‘tweets’, at Twitchy.

CAJ note: Evidently, it’s easier to just repeat a falsehood than to do a five-second web search. Because, while they’re searching “KKK” on Google, they might run into some inconvenient truths about..oh…Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger


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