This happened: Government confiscates money from a member of Beck’s staff

Glenn Beck

Have you checked your bank accounts lately?

According to Australia’s Herald Sun, the Australian government seized a record $360 million from ‘dormant’ household bank accounts in 2013 alone. A rule change in 2012, allowed the government to seize the money in some 80,000 accounts that had been dormant for three years. Prior to the change, just $330 million had been collected between 1959 and 2012.

While you might be wondering why you should care about a banking regulation in Australia, it turns out the practice is somewhat common in the United States as well. On radio this morning, Joe Kerry, president of Mercury One, explained the fight his family is currently battling with the state of Pennsylvania over funds liquidated from one of their bank accounts without their knowledge…

…“She started going through the statements, and on one statement, which was full of language, one sentence in one paragraph of that statement said, ‘If you have no activity on this account, we will close out this account, based on Pennsylvania law blah, blah, blah,’” Joe explained. “What I don’t understand is dividends were being paid into this account. We were paying taxes on this money the whole time, yet because there was no activity for a six month period, the state of Pennsylvania took that money, without any notice to us.”…



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Maximus Max • 5 hours ago

Per Dodd/Frank, you are not on the banks books as a depositor any more. You are an unsecured debtor, and have absolutely no claim to your deposits whatsoever other than to file a claim with the FDIC. The bank has no obligation to even *tell* you what they are doing with your money either. If the bank should become insolvent, they will list you as a “shareholder” and pay you off at the end of the bankruptcy settlement. The States, as well as the US governments treasuries are for the most part empty. They are scrambling for cash to show on their books to keep the scheme going as long as possible before the dollar collapse/reset.


Does anyone actually know what is in the Dodd-Frank banking law?


Update: The Alarming Reason the Government Confiscated Money From a Member of Glenn Beck’s Staff at The Blaze.



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