‘This is a match made in hell’

Joel Rosenberg: North Korea, Iran ‘working very, very closely’ on nukes

WND Radio

Earlier this month, North Korea conducted what appears to be its largest and most sophisticated nuclear test to date, but what may also be emerging from the story is the extent that Iran and North Korea are colluding in their efforts to grow their nuclear programs.

One of the most telling indicators of this collaboration may be the reported presence of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Mahabadi at the North Korean test. Mahabadi is the chief Iranian nuclear scientist and rarely travels outside of Iran.

That prospect is very troubling to foreign-policy expert and accomplished fiction and nonfiction author Joel C. Rosenberg. He is the author of “The Twelfth Imam” trilogy. The final installment of the trilogy, “Damascus Countdown,” debuts March 5.

“That is further, I would say confirmation, but certainly raises further concern that North Korea is actually doing the testing for Iran. In other words, Iran would essentially be paying for North Korea to be its research and development system, both for ballistic missiles but also for warheads,” Rosenberg told WND. “So Iran might be assembling a bomb right now. We don’t know that for sure. North Korea might be providing the data for how to test it and make sure that it works. This convergence, this collaboration, between Iran and North Korea is exceedingly dangerous for the United States but also clearly for Israel and for the rest of the Middle East.”

Rosenberg said his analysis is far from speculation, and the cozy nuclear relationship between Iran and North Korea is well documented.

“North Korea and Iran are working very, very closely. They have been for years. In fact, they even signed an agreement, a treaty back in 2011 to work on nuclear issues between North Korea and Iran,” Rosenberg said.

Outside of their shared desire to acquire nuclear weapons and a mutual loathing of the United States, there wouldn’t seem to be much in common between an atheistic communist state and the theocratic Muslim regime in Iran. Rosenberg said their alliance helps both sides address glaring problems.

“It seems odd but here’s the bottom line. Like anything in Washington, follow the money,” Rosenberg said…

The article continues, with audio of the interview with Mr. Rosenberg, at World Net Daily.

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