Tucker Carlson: ‘The Press Are More Corrupt…Than…People Think’

Verum Serum

Tucker went on Fox to discuss the Daily Caller’s latest story exposing Media Matters donors. Near the end of the clip he’s asked about the media reaction to his week long series…

…Tucker Carlson: …I’m not one of those conservatives who whines about left wing bias in the media. I hate whining in general, but if there was ever, ever a case study in willful blindness in collective bias it’s this. I mean look, most reporters agree fundamentally with the aims of Media Matters and so just better to ignore it. Better not to report on it.

No, the press are more corrupt even than I think people think. It’s pretty distressing really if you think about it.

Doocy: Looks like they’re all in bed together.

Carlson: They are.

…the press is dead silent. Apparently this is one, in Charlie Gibson’s famous phrase, that you just leave to “the cables.” This ability to decide what is a national outrage worthy of saturation coverage and what isn’t is still the left’s greatest weapon. And let’s face it, as in this case, the discrepancy always favors the left.

Read the entire post and watch the video at Verum Serum.

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