TX Congressman Goes Undercover & Reveals Houston VA Cemetery Still Banning God

Mike Opelka
The Blaze

In late June, The Blaze reported on a developing story out of Houston, Texas, where the Veterans Cemetery was being sued for banning God from the funerals and memorials of the soldiers being buried there. Three different lawsuits have been filed by Veterans groups against the VA.

Now, according to one congressman who went undercover, the practice continues. And he’s threatening to do something about it.

As mentioned in the story posted earlier, a Judge had issued a stay against the VA’s orders. Still, the practice apparently hasn’t stopped. Texas Congressman John Culberson from Houston witnessed the shocking practice when he went undercover at a VA funeral — dark sunglasses and all. Our affiliate, KTRH NewsRadio 740, covered the story this morning:

John Culberson is one of several Texas lawmakers upset by accusations that Arleen Ocasio won’t let are veterans use “God” or “Jesus” during military services.  And the Republican says he’ll use his position on a House Appropriations sub-committee to force Ocasio to step down.

Culberson charges that Ms. Ocasio closed the chapel and used it for storage, and that she continues to authorize the practice of asking grieving widows to confirm that they want the word “God” in their ceremonies — as they are walking out of a limousine to the burial ceremony.

Congressman Culberson claims that it is within his powers to eliminate the funding for Arleen Ocasio’s position and that he will do just that. In fact, he doesn’t want her working anywhere in the state of Texas.

Listen to the Congressman’s interview with Matt Patrick of KTRH at The Blaze.


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