United States is raising a nation of savages

Todd Starnes
Fox News

Christopher Lane was gunned down in cold blood – shot in the back as he jogged alongside a road in Duncan, Okla. His alleged attackers were teenagers who told police they were bored and killed the college athlete for “the fun of it.”

The 22-year-old was attending school at East Central University – an Australian native who played baseball.

Good Samaritans saw the shooting and immediately rushed to offer aid. One person called 911. Another tried to administer CPR. But it was too late. The young athlete with a promising future lingered for several minutes – gasping for air. And then he died – on a lonely stretch of an Oklahoma roadway.

Police Chief Dan Ford said they found a chilling message on one of the alleged killer’s Facebook pages: “Bang. Two drops in two hours.”

“I think they were on a killing spree,” Ford told Australian Associated Press. “We would have had more bodies that night if we didn’t get them.”

In other words – the teenage boys were hunting humans…

…“Our culture continues to deny or marginalize the existence of God,” Jeffress tells me. “We shouldn’t be surprised that teenagers would ignore the most basic laws of God – like thou shall not kill.”

And as the stench of our rotting culture sweeps across the nation, I’ve come to the conclusion that we have reached a moment in history when the make-believe world of violence no longer satisfies our bloodlust.

The United States is now reaping what it has sown – for raising a nation of savages.


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Christopher Lane was killed in a drive-by shooting in Oklahoma.

Christopher Lane was killed in a drive-by shooting in Oklahoma.




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On Twitter Donald Trump says what we’re all thinking:




UpdateMurder of Christopher Lane Will Not Become National Touchstone of Racial and Cultural Debate

…Three teenagers were charged Tuesday in the killing of a white college student in Duncan, Oklahoma, and part of the story is what didn’t happen. There was no saturation cable TV coverage, no press conference featuring Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, and no statement from the Oval Office. The death of Christopher Lane, while as troubling as that of Trayvon Martin, will not become a national touchstone of racial and cultural debate or reflection….


If this doesn’t get you hot under the collar:

White House Responds to Aussie Chris Lane’s Murder: “Wouldn’t Want to Get Ahead of the Legal Process Here” (Video)

Perhaps Chris Lane doesn’t look enough like anyone Obama might be related to?


MSNBC Host Joy Reid, Who Makes Everything About Race, Asks Guests: Why Do Conservatives Want to Make Chris Lane Shooting “Racial?”…

Your daily dose of assploding hypocrisy. Via Mediaite: Filling in for Martin Bashir Wednesday, MSNBC’s Joy Reid attempted to figure out why of the 11,000 shooting deaths that occur in this country, do only a handful of them “capture the media’s–and thus the public’s–attention.”…






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