Video: C-SPAN caller blasts media

AUGUST 9, 2009

I’d say this explains the eruption of anger at town-hall meetings fairly clearly. “Leah” from New Hampshire says she “just wants to clarify a few things about these manufactured angered crowds,” but instead delivers a manifesto that explains the rise of the Tea Party movement in general. Politico reporter Manu Raju and C-SPAN’s Washington Journal host Rob Harrell get an earful and an education:

Morrissey continues:

The anger comes from the blatant disregard of even the pretense of legitimate governance. Elected representatives from Congress openly admit they’re not reading the bills, while leadership in both chambers try to ram through complicated bills without giving anyone a real chance to learn what they say and what they do. It doesn’t help that the bills in question — health care reform and cap-and-trade — are both elitist policies that essentially puts Washington in charge of decisions that people should make on their own. Put all that together, and the only surprise should be that the anger took this long to develop.

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