Video: Future taxpayers of America demand gigantic welfare state


Via Breitbart TV. Remember that liberal tea party that Van Jones is building? Here’s one of their first big initiatives: The “Contract for the American Dream,” in which fresh-faced load-bearers for an imploding entitlement regime cheerily read cue cards calling for more weight on their backs, please. If you’re wondering how we can possibly afford “Medicare for all” when we can’t afford Medicare for some, you obviously missed this video from a few weeks ago of Jones reassuring America that we are not in fact broke, no matter how many zeroes there might be up on that national debt scoreboard. All we need to do to build the progressive welfare state of our dreams is get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, nationalize health care so that we can dictate the price of services to medical practitioners from coast to coast, and hike taxes on the rich — and eventually the middle class, of course — way way waaaaay up. How far up? Really far. It’s working for Europe, isn’t it?

I’m giving you two clips. The second, which is a few years old, is my all-time favorite MoveOn spot. Let’s hope Congress passes the Contract for the American Dream and gets rid of deficits for good…

Two videos are at

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