Violence Over Qur’an-burning Continues While Senators Reid and Graham … Think the Solution is Censoring Free Speech?




As Demonstrators battle police … with one officer shot dead in Qur’an-burning protests in southern Afghanistan (following the violent protest at a United Nations compound in Afghanistan just 2 days ago that left at least 11 dead with 2 beheaded) …

… South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham apparently thinks the answer is censoring free speech in the U.S., saying on Face The Nation today that the reaction to the Koran burning in Florida suggests that Congress should look into limiting some forms of speech (video) – essentially saying he wants to restrict it if it offends Muslim sensitivities. He was responding to what Harry Reid said earlier in the program … that Congress may “look into” the Koran burning…

The article continues at Hyscience.

Meanwhile…on the greens somewhere in the metro DC area…

A worried young president tells reporters, ” ‘You should know that keeping the economy growing and making sure jobs are available is the first thing I think about when I wake up every morning. It’s the last thing I think about when I go to bed each night.’

Update: Inside the Massacre at Afghan Compound, at The Wall Street Journal.

MAZAR-E-SHARIF, Afghanistan—Officials are painting the weekend killings at the United Nations mission in northern Afghanistan’s largest city—which sparked cascading violence across the nation—as the handiwork of a small band of insurgents that used a protest against a Quran-burning as cover for a murderous plot.

But a Wall Street Journal reconstruction of Friday’s assault, based on unreleased videos, interviews with demonstrators and the U.N.’s own recounting of events, shows a more complex picture and indicates that ordinary Afghan demonstrators played a critical role in the attack.

Stirred to action by a Quran-burning at a Florida church, thousands of people swarmed past hapless Afghan police officers, heading toward a lightly protected U.N. compound. There, members of the tight-knit staff had been paying little attention to the angry protest unfolding at the city’s central mosque…

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Update 2: Snark and Boobs

…“This was an effort to get some publicity for him. He got it. But in theprocess, 10-20 people have been killed,” Reid said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Asked whether Congress could pass a resolution condemning it, he said, “We’ll take a look at this.”

You’ll take a look at this? Hey, I have a better idea. Why not take a look at why you constantly make excuses for barbarism and evil acts? Why not take a look at, you know, history and see that murderous rampages and beheadings happen all the time – somehow occurring without some obscure pastor burning a book…

…Lindsey Graham not only wants to condemn the exercise of free speech, but may want to actually limit it. He wants to take away rights from American citizens — to appease people who wish to kill us. On Face The Nation today he said “Freedom of speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war.”

So much for that pesky old Constitution, I suppose.

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