White House misses another budget deadline

Susan Crabtree
The Washington Times

Another annual budget deadline has come and gone without a report from the Obama administration.

This time the Office of Management and Budget missed the July 16 deadline for a midsession review, which updates spending, tax collection and deficit numbers from the February budget proposal and is due to Congress every year on the same date.

Failing to meet budget deadlines and releasing documents late has become common practice for the administration, and Republicans cite the tardiness as a sign that the White House is not making the nation’s fiscal health a priority.

Considering the severity of the economic downturn, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, said in an interview that any good chief executive would be eager for the American people to know the state of the country’s finances and how economic developments over the past six months affect the future.

“It’s required by law – I don’t know why the president wouldn’t want to comply by it,” Mr. Sessions told The Washington Times…

…Senate Democrats also have failed to pass a budget — or even bring a spending blueprint to the floor for consideration — for three consecutive years…

The entire article is at The Washington Times.

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