‘You’re gonna pay’ explains the debt ceiling crisis in no uncertain terms for Gen Y

Mark Tapscott
Washington Examiner

For those who have high school or college-age kids, this video produced by Wilson Getchell as an entry in Powerline’s recent contest for the Power Line Prize lays out the stakes of the debt-ceiling debate in about as stark and factual terms as possible, but does so in a very entertaining way.

Young Mr. Getchell didn’t win the Power Line Prize, but he impressed the heck out of Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds, who besides being a University of Tennessee law professor and one of the first nationally influential bloggers on the Right side of the Blogosphere, also happens to be something of an authority on great music.

I think this Getchell kid could go a long way. Check it out:

Related: Althouse: “Everyone’s talking about the anthem of the ages. The Crack Emcee is talking about it. And not in a nice way.”

You have to follow the link to see what that all means. But you might guess her readers like the message, hate the delivery.

Update:  At Green Mountain Scribes, Remy: “Raise the Debt Ceiling Rap.” Also at the site, Milton Friedman on Socialism vs Capitalism . “In this less than 3 minute video, famed economist the late Milton Friedman dispels the myth that socialism is advantageous to naturally superior free market capitalism.”

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