‘Zionist Jews…need to be run out of the country’ teacher fired by LAUSD

Thomas Lifson
American Thinker

Patricia McAllister, who leapt to fame for her proud and succinctly expressed (18 second video here) Jew hatred at OWS Los Angeles, has been fired by the Los Angeles Unified School District. Publius at Big Government has the story. It turns out she is a substitute teacher, and a contract employee, working “at will,” according the to the LAUSD Superintendent:

At LAUSD, we recognize that the law is very protective of the freedom of speech rights of public employees when they are speaking as private citizens during non-working time.

I further emphasize to our students, who watch us and look to us for guidance, to be role models and to represent the ideals by which LAUSD lives, that we will never stand for behavior that is disrespectful, intolerant or discriminatory.

As a day-to-day substitute teacher, Ms. McAllister was an at-will employee.  As of today, she is no longer an employee of the LAUSD.

Had Ms. McAllister been employed under a union contract with “tenure,” My guess is that she could never be fired…

The article continues at American Thinker.

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