A Survivor of Nazi Germany Calls Into Blaze Radio Show

You’re Going to Want to Hear What She Has to Say

Dave Urbanski
The Blaze

Toward the end of his Blaze Radio show Saturday, Buck Sexton received a phone call from a nearly 84-year-old woman who he said gave “one of the most compelling calls I’ve ever heard on any radio show.”…

…Irma offered in what can only be called a warning to listeners that today “people do not understand” that tyranny and evil really exist.

“My biggest regret is that I came here, and we lived a life trusting that we lived under a Constitution that will always be there,” she said, adding that she was “always leery” about what was happening in the 1960s and the political correctness movement coming out of colleges and finally asked herself, “What in the world is this?”

“One should express their thoughts freely, and if somebody doesn’t accept them they can discuss them. But why do we have to change our language and approach to people?” she asked. “I feel so guilty that I was not active then because my father did that all his life…but I fell asleep here.”…

The complete article, with audio of Irma’s conversation with Buck, is at The Blaze.



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In 1938, the media reported that Hitler rode into Austria with tanks and guns and took us over. Not true at all. The Austrian people elected Hitler by 98 percent of the vote by means of the ballot box. Now you might ask how could a Christian nation… elect a monster like Hitler. The truth is at the beginning Hitler didn’t look like or talk like a monster at all. He talked like an American politician.
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…Would you like to see the “long line of people” waiting to register their “assault weapons” and magazines?…




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