Accidentally on Purpose

Mark Steyn
The Corner
National Review Online

National Review and I have a court date next month for Big Climate honcho Michael Mann’s defamation suit against us for hooting at his hockey stick. I gather that, in America, the crucial point of law is that it’s very difficult to defame a public figure, as Jerry Falwell and many others have discovered. So I was interested to note this recent verbal tic from Dr Mann. From the May 8th Daily Press of Norfolk News, Virginia:

“I’ll often characterize myself as a reluctant and accidental public figure,” he said.

He’s right! I had no idea how often he does characterize himself as a reluctant and accidental public figure…

…Steve Milloy is tracking Dr Mann’s voluntary involunteering here. Meanwhile, if you’d like to chip in to our legal defense fund, feel free. There’s already a bunch of other donors – you know how people like to gather at the scene of an accident.


Read the complete article at National Review Online.


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