Area Libertarians endorse Scott Brown for Senate

by Tom Bowler
Libertarian Leanings
December 29, 2009

Scott Brown For Senate

Sissy Willis has turned optimistic about Scott Brown’s chances for capturing Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.

Is Massachusetts GOP senatorial candidate Scott Brown finally getting it? The Tea Party Movement, with its growing arsenal of media and social networking tools, including talk radio, Twitter and Facebook, could help propel him onto the national stage as a major player “knocking down the Dems ahead of schedule,” as Right Klik colorfully headlines a link-rich blogpost. We were encouraged to see the Bay State Senator’s tweet (above) picking up on Bill Kristol’s suggestion last week — blogged here yesterday — that Brown’s senate race be framed as a “referendum on Obamacare.” As the Boston Globe reported this afternoon, “Brown blasted his Democratic rival in the US Senate race today for her support of a national health care plan that Brown says would raise taxes and fees on Massachusetts residents and businesses without providing any benefits”:

I could be the 41st senator that could stop the Obama proposal that’s being pushed right now through Congress,” Brown… said at a news conference in the state Republican Party’s headquarters in downtown Boston. “I could stop it and they could bring it back to the drawing board.”

We may be about to witness one of the biggest upsets in Massachusetts electoral history. How huge would that be!

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