Bill Maher to God: Stand Aside for ObamaCare

By Stuart Schwartz
American Thinker

The way Bill Maher sees it, resistance to ObamaCare is all God’s fault. Why? Because so many people believe in this “schmuck” who lives in the clouds…and this belief, in turn, intensifies opposition to ObamaCare.

This leftist social critic, anti-Christian crusader, and HBO comedy show host warned God at the end of last week to back off, to allow smart people like himself and Barack Obama and the New York Times editorial board to push the God-fearing “ignoramuses” aside this week and take control of the nation’s health care.

He told this to “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” guest host Lawrence O’Donnell on MS-NBC. Although mainstream media didn’t provide us with God’s reaction (God is a hopeless conservative, persona non grata for legacy networks and newspapers), Maher most certainly cheered the three viewers in the audience of the NBC news cable operation, who had taken time off from pecking out obscenities on the Daily Kos website to get a dose of leftist smarts.

Welcome to the world of Bill Maher. He urges the “vicious, horrible character” known as God, who is less real than the “lint that lives in my navel,” to stand aside while Obama and Pelosi and Reid “scare the American people” into ObamaCare. Maher added his voice to the progressive chorus urging the president to “go gangsta” on the majority of Americans, who, as our president put it, still cling to God and guns…

…For Maher, God is behind the mass stupidity of the American people…

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