George Soros Speaks at Hong Kong University

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Recently, noted investor George Soros gave a series of lectures at the Central European University in Budapest. He then followed up that talk with a conversation at The University of Hong Kong and you can hear his thoughts below. We’ve recently covered activity out of his hedge fund as we detailed Soros Fund Management’s addition to its NovaGold Resources (NG) position. Soros also recently graced the most recent version of Forbes’ billionaire list.

Embedded below is the video of the conversation with George Soros in Hong Kong moderated by Professor Richard Wong.

A Conversation with George Soros at HKU from JMSC HKU on Vimeo.

“…Soros is stating:
A) the economic engine of the West is DEAD and the new order now belongs to China
B) That the relationship between China and the United States is deteriorating rapidly and causing his alarm…”

Always interesting to hear Soros’ take on things. For more on the legendary investor, head to Soros Fund Management’s portfolio.

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