Caddell Unloads on ‘Racketeering’ GOP Consultants

“My first allegiance is to my country. I have paid a huge price, and when I watch you people screwing up I’m offended.”


Michael Patrick Leahy
Big Government
14 Mar 2013

Pat Caddell, the Fox News Contributor and Democrat pollster who engineered Jimmy Carter’s 1976 Presidential victory, blew the lid off CPAC on Thursday with a blistering attack on “racketeering” Republican consultants who play wealthy donors like “marks.”

“I blame the donors who allow themselves to be played for marks. I blame the people in the grassroots for allowing themselves to be played for suckers….It’s time to stop being marks. It’s time to stop being suckers. It’s time for you people to get real,” he told the audience that included two top Republican consultants.

Caddell stole the show as a panelist in the breakout session titled “Should We Shoot All the Consultants Now?” He spoke with a fire and passion that electrified the room. When the session began the large room was half filled, but as word spread of the fireworks going on inside, the audience streamed in. By the end, it was standing room only.

Breitbart News spoke with Caddell prior to his talk, and he promised he would deliver a “brutal critique” of the Republican establishment and its political consulting class. He did not disappoint, pulling no punches with an unyielding evisceration of a small group of Republican consultants, the Romney campaign, the Republican National Committee, and Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS Super PAC…

…As a Democrat, Caddell said he could tell the truth about the failings of the Republicans 2012 campaign efforts since “I have no interest in the Republican Party.” He compared Republicans unfavorably to Democrats.”In my party we play to win. We play for life and death. You people play for a different kind of agenda…Your party has no problem playing the Washington Generals to the Harlem Globetrotters.”…

…”These people [in the consulting-lobbying-establishment complex] are doing business for themselves. They are a part of the Washington establishment. These people don’t want to have change.”

The 2010 takeover of Congress by the Republicans, Caddell said, “was not engineered by the Washington Republican establishment. They [the establishment] then took that victory and threw it away.”…

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Related: Rush Limbaugh Mocks “Brainiac” GOP Consultants over Pat Caddell’s CPAC Rant 

…Limbaugh said the consultant class thinks “people in the middle, these great moderate independents, aren’t conservative. And furthermore, they think that conservatism scares these people” and they “make no effort to educate or inform or correct that impression.”

The conservative radio show host said he has always been confused by consultants who think Republicans will turn off independents by getting aggressive because “Democrats are the meanest, most extreme, insufferable” people and, “there’s nothing nice about them.”

“Somehow that doesn’t scare the independents,” Limbaugh said.

Case in point: Romney’s 2012 loss to Obama.

“He won the independents, just like these brainiacs said,” Limbaugh said. “But four million conservatives sat home and didn’t vote.”…

…He emphasized that he has always been confused about why Republicans have the two Reagan campaigns as blueprints for how to win majorities by running on core beliefs and principles and fail to use them. …


Update: Rush’s transcript is here.



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