Coming Soon To America: A Two-Tiered, Canadian-Style Health Care System

John Goodman

…we are about to see a huge increase in the demand for care and a major decrease in the supply. In any other market, that would cause prices to soar. But government plans to control costs (even more so than in the past) by vigorously suppressing provider fees and the private insurers are likely to resist fee increases as well. That means we are going to have a rationing problem. Just as in Canada or Britain, we are going to experience rationing by waiting.

Consider how much waiting there already is in the U.S. health care system. On the average, patients must wait three weeks to see a new doctor. In Boston, where we are told they have universal coverage, the average wait time is two months to see a new family doctor. Amazingly, one in five patients who enters a hospital emergency room leaves without ever seeing a doctor ― presumably because they get tired of waiting.

All this is about to get worse…

…I also believe all this is going to happen much more rapidly than anybody suspects.


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Related: Will the IRS Allow Us to Die, Too? 

The Internal Revenue Service scandal just gets bigger and bigger. No ordinary scandal, this is the very definition of an un-American, Joe McCarthy-style persecution. This is Gambino crime family criminal behavior. We now officially know America is being run by a gangster government, the Obama crime family.

The real question is: Will the same IRS (or IRS-like bureaucracy) that targeted and persecuted conservatives, GOP donors, Tea Party groups, pro-Israel Jewish groups, Christian groups, pro-life groups and outspoken critics of the President (like me), now use Obamacare to deny us medical care?

Will these same thugs use the process to frustrate, intimidate or slow it down just long enough to allow us to die?

Think I’m kidding? Exaggerating? The IRS official who targeted and persecuted conservatives is the exact same executive assigned to oversee the IRS office of Obamacare…


 Update: Employers Offering ‘Skinny’ Coverage to Side-Step Obamacare Fines

Some employers are avoiding Obamacare penalties by offering “skinny” insurance plans that provide workers with minimum coverage like preventive care but little else, including benefits to help cover hospitals stays.

The minimum coverage qualifies as acceptable under the new healthcare reform law, so benefit advisers and insurance brokers are pitching minimum plans nationally, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Employers who offer the plans are recognizing they can avoid a $2,000-per-worker penalty by doing so, even though the plans often don’t cover basics like surgery, X-rays or prenatal care, let alone hospitalization…



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Update 2: Vermont Single Payer Health Care Financing Slides Toward Chaos

…Health Connect is a stopgap implementation of President Obama’s health care law, which was slated to function as a bridge to single-payer. Costing Vermont taxpayers $18.4 million in just the first year, this ill-formed exchange will disappear in 2017 when Green Mountain Care replaces health insurance under Shumlin’s plan.

The signs of a pending disaster are everywhere. On March 28 Wallack, whom the governor had appointed to head the all-powerful and supposedly “independent” Green Mountain Care Board, announced her departure in September 2013, leaving the yet-unborn Green Mountain Care to fend for itself…



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