Confirmed: Many of Obamacare's 'Eight Million Enrollments' are Duplicates

Guy Benson

We’ve been throwing cold water on the administration’s so-called exchange “enrollment” figures for months, and for good reason: They’re incomplete to the point of deception. The Washington Post reported back in November that official tabulations were including anyone who’s “selected a plan,” which is the equivalent of placing an item in a virtual shopping cart online, regardless of whether the check-out and payment steps ever took place.

At Kathleen Sebelius’ behest, the House Energy and Commerce Committee contacted every insurer listed as a participant in the federal exchange at in order to discern how many of these “sign ups” translated into paid enrollments. The initial batch of information, based on data through mid-April, revealed a paltry payment rate of 67 percent. When the official totals are finally revisited to include the state exchanges (whose performances are widely varying), and numbers from the late sign-up surge, the final payment statistics will likely shift. Some large insurers testified today that they’ve experienced payment rates in the low-80s range, which is closer to experts’ estimated ballpark prior to the release of the committee’s report — problems with which we highlighted here. What is almost certainly the case is that the genuine enrollment figure is seven figures lower that the White House-touted one.

Phil Kerpen catches yet another inflationary ingredient in HHS’ propaganda brew, the extent of which we don’t yet know…



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