Congressman: Benghazi survivors suggested fighting NEVER stopped between consulate and CIA annex

The Right Scoop

Congressman Nunes, who sits on the Intelligence committee and was in the classified hearings with the Benghazi survivors, says the survivors offered conflicting reports on what actually happened on the ground in Benghazi when the consulate was attacked in 2012. The administration has said that there was a big lull of several hours between the consulate attack and the CIA Annex attack. But Nunes suggests the survivors indicated that the fighting NEVER stopped and he was quick to point out that he believes the survivors.

[Chris] Wallace made the point at the end, that if the fighting never stopped, the big question is why no support was ever called in to help these guys. How could the president go to sleep that night while our guys were fighting for their lives, hoping desperately for the calvary to come in and save them? How evil does someone have to be to even live with sales cialis something like that?


Watch the video at The Right Scoop.


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…It’s entirely possible Davies lied in his book and on 60 Minutes.

That doesn’t justify Lara Logan and 60 Minutes lying about Dylan Davies.


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