Cornyn berates Holder in hearing, calls for his resignation

Matthew Boyle
The Daily Caller

Sen. John Cornyn lambasted Attorney General Eric Holder and called for his resignation Tuesday morning during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Holder appeared before the committee to address questions about Operation Fast and Furious and alleged politically-motivated national security intelligence leaks.

Cornyn called for Holder to resign over the attorney general’s handling of Fast and Furious, making him now the fourth U.S. senator to do so.

The Texas Republican joins Sens. Jim DeMint, Johnny Isakson and James Inhofe in demanding Holder resign over the scandal.

Cornyn is the closest U.S. senator to the investigation who has called for Holder to resign and now he’s the only one who has done so to Holder’s face…

…“So sixteen months after Fast and Furious has been uncovered when Brian Terry lost his life at the hands of a drug cartel member who shot him using a weapon that was allowed to walk, there’s been zero accountability at the Department of Justice. You won’t appoint a special prosecutor in the case of a potential conflict of interest. You won’t tell the truth about what you knew and when you knew it when it comes to Fast and Furious. You won’t cooperate with a legitimate congressional investigation. You won’t answer my questions about gun walking in Texas. You won’t take any responsibility for failures of your inner circle. And, you won’t acknowledge what your top aides knowingly misled Congress about and you won’t hold anyone accountable.”

Cornyn said he thinks this has come to an “impasse.”

“The leaking of classified information represents a threat to national security, and your office faces a clear conflict of interest and you won’t appoint a special counsel,” Cornyn said. “You won’t support a truly independent investigation and you won’t take this threat seriously. Meanwhile, you still resist coming clean about what you knew and when you knew it with regard to Operation Fast and Furious. You won’t cooperate with a legitimate congressional investigation and you won’t hold anyone, including yourself, accountable.”…

The entire article, and video of Sen. Cornyn, is at The Daily Caller.

Update:  Just to prove the Senator’s point–“Holder: Everyone knows ‘in-person voting fraud is uncommon.’ “

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