Crist campaign negotiating with NYC’s Bloomberg’s operation

Exclusive: Charlie Crist campaign negotiating with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s political operation; Billionaire considering supporting Florida governor’s independent bid for US Senate

Peter Schorsch

According to several sources, including three individuals close to Florida governor Charlie Crist’s campaign for the US Senate, as well as a fourth individual who has worked for New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, two of the nation’s most prominent registered-independent politicians are currently negotiating an unprecedented political alliance in which Bloomberg’s vaunted political operation will become directly involved in Florida’s historic US Senate race.

All sources have spoken to Saint Petersblog on the basis of anonymity because the negotiations are still on-going, but preliminary plans call for Bloomberg to offer not only his endorsement and financial support, but the direct assistance of his political team, which would be welcomed by a Crist campaign that, despite enthusiastic support from some of the Governor’s long-time supporters, is still working to build a credible statewide political operation.

In turn, Bloomberg hopes, with a Crist win, to have in place an ideological ally who could help in the event the Mayor runs for President in 2016.

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