Cruz Rejects Obama Arguments Against Ebola Travel Ban

Sunday Show Roundup: Texas senator criticizes Obama White House for rejecting common sense

Ellison Barber
The Washington Free Beacon

On Sunday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) continued to call for a travel ban on individuals coming from the three West African nations impacted by the recent Ebola outbreak.

“We’ve now seen both Democrats and Republicans coming together and saying, listen, this is a basic common sense step. While there is an active epidemic raging, we should not be having commercial airline flights with up to 150 people a day coming to the U.S. For whatever reason … the Obama White House is digging in and not listening to the voice of common sense coming from both sides of the aisle,” Cruz said on CNN’s State of the Union.

Last week, President Barack Obama said he is “not philosophically opposed” to a travel ban, but, with the advice of his advisers, believes a ban would exacerbate the situation.

Cruz push backed on that argument…



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