Democrats’ Global Warming Witch Hunt Continues

Kerry Jackson

Have a difference of opinion with an elected lawmaker? Expect to be hauled before the inquisitors. Shortly after we learn that seven climate scientists are being investigated, we discover that lawmakers are demanding private citizens turn over to them any information that shows they have funded climate research. As if it were any of their business, Democrat Sens. Edward Markey of Massachusetts, Barbara Boxer of California and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island are trying to coerce the Koch brothers into revealing if they “have backed research into global warming and other environmental topics.” The National Journal, all but one of whom can be described as a skeptic, as if they were witches.

The Koch brothers, Charles and David, are high-profile targets for Democrats because they are industrialists who own fossil-fuel companies and typically fund groups whose positions are in conflict with leftist ideology. Democratic Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada routinely condemned the brothers while Senate majority leader, and did so in a most irresponsible manner. They are a favorite target of the left, which is always looking for targets. And the roundup doesn’t end at the Kochs’ doorstep. The Hill has reported that Markey has plans to “write to various companies, trade organizations and others involved in fossil fuels in an attempt to find whether they are paying for skeptical climate research.”

The Kochs have, appropriately, told the politicians to buzz off…



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