EPA’s financial adviser is ex-MF Global COO

Unified Patriots

Well folks, this little tidbit seems to be making both sides of the environmental-aisle say *#EPAfail.*

The man who claims he doesn’t know where over a billion dollars of investor’s money went in the now-bankrupt MF-Global just happens to be the financial adviser to the EPA. Yes, I am talking about Lisa Jackson’s Environmental Protection Agency. And for verification screen shot is below. Because of the smallness of the screen shot here is the link on the EPA website. At least until they take it down.

[CAJ note: The image below is our screen shot from the EPA site. Click on the image to enlarge.]


Even the environmentalists are on the same page as us “drill baby, drill” people:

“EPA relying on Wall Street for financial guidance is like the blind leading the blind,” said Jeff Ruch, president of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group based in Washington.

“In Abelow, you have a Wall Street executive who just presided over the disappearance of $1 billion in investor funds purporting to help guide federal infrastructure financing.”

EPA conveniently has not responded to questions. It’s of interest to note that both EPA Chair Lisa Jackson and Abelow were both at times former New Jersey governor John Corzine’s Chief of Staff who headed MF-Global…

The article continued at Unified Patriots.

Also at Unified Patriots, It’s official: EPA announces the *big one* meant to bankrupt the coal industry “Enjoy the light and heat while you can.”

Related: they’re sizing up a cozy little investment in Mitt Romney. Sarah Palin was right.

Also, EPA Cross-State Emissions Rule Delayed by Court in Victory for Producers 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency must delay implementing rules on interstate air pollution on Jan. 1, a federal court ruled, siding with electric power producers seeking to defeat the new regulations.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Appeals Court in Washington today granted a request by electric power producers and other challengers to delay the deadline for plants in 27 states to begin reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide while the court considers the rule’s legality.

“Petitioners have satisfied the standards required for a stay pending court review,” Judges Brett Kavanaugh, Thomas Griffith and Janice Rogers Brown said in the brief ruling…

…The EPA rules, which apply to Texas and 26 eastern states, impose caps on sulfur dioxide, which can lead to acid rain and soot harmful to humans and ecosystems, and nitrogen oxide, a component of ground-level ozone and a main ingredient of smog. The rule applies to emissions that cross state lines…

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