Fight goes on against ‘Gasland’ censorship

Phelim McAleer
Not Evil Just Wrong
07 June 2011

Josh Fox, the Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker, has, for the second time, had his lawyers close down our short film which is critical of his work.

As you probably know by now, the film shows Fox admitting he withheld important evidence that would contradict one of the main claims of Gasland, his award-winning documentary.

We had posted the short film on YouTube, but Fox took legal action and had it pulled down. We attempted to get around the ban by posting it on rival website Vimeo, but once again Fox called in the lawyers and the film was yanked.

It seems Fox will not stop closing down any criticism of his unethical journalism. The legal moves came just as both videos were going viral and were being spread through social media.

The article continues, with Phelim’s video, at Not Evil Just Wrong.

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