Governing against the People

Frank Burke
American Thinker

While it is not yet known whether “the rise of the oceans began to slow” since the nomination/election of Barack Obama, it is clear that Lake Michigan hasn’t, thanks to the recent infusion of more than two billion gallons of raw sewage, courtesy of the City of Milwaukee. This is a not-uncommon occurrence due to the fact that the city’s storm and sanitary sewers are one and the same and, despite a massively expensive “Deep Tunnel” reservoir, a heavy deluge not only impacts the lake, but causes a backflow into thousands of local homes. Another storm in June of 2008 resulted in a 2.9-billion-gallon spill.

Nor is the problem confined to Milwaukee. As the sewage migrates southward toward Chicago, it impacts the shores of three Wisconsin counties and two in northern Illinois. The threat of E. coli results in the closure of beaches and other recreational activities, and the sights and smells do little for the tourist trade.

So, given the scope of this environmental and health hazard, occurring on a fairly regular basis, how do the Obama administration and the city and state Democratic machine choose to utilize Wisconsin’s allotment of borrowed federal funds?

On a “high-speed” rail link between Milwaukee and Madison, of course…

..Despite the fact that a majority of the public is against the project, Governor Jim Doyle (D) and the Obama administration insist on proceeding. Stating that the project would create “more than 5,500 construction and engineering jobs,” Doyle immediately went abroad and arranged for the purchase of the locomotives and cars in Spain

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