Hellstorm 2011: The threat from Irene is overhyped, says forecaster


This post by Dr. Simon Atkins is making the rounds thanks to a Drudge link, but after reading it and listening to Mark Levin’s interview with the author, it sounds like he’s perfectly in line with what we knew a few hours ago. In brief:

1. The early fears that this thing might hit NYC head on as a Category 3 or even a Category 4 and tear the city limb from limb have faded.

2. It’s still going to do lots of damage, but apparently massive flooding from storm surges is now the main threat. Gusts of wind should top out at “only” 60-70 mph by the time Irene hits here, but because the storm’s moving slowly, that gives it extra time to blow water from the ocean into the streets and subways.

3. While somewhat less of a threat now, the wind may still pose unique dangers to skyscrapers. I haven’t heard anyone speculate yet that office towers might topple over, but someone tweeted to me earlier that once you get above the 25th floor or so, the storm is one category higher than it is on the ground. Avoid tall buildings at all costs, and in the name of all that’s holy, don’t stand underneath them. Windows will shatter and glass will fall…

The article continues at HotAir.com

The Right Scoop has audio of Mark Levin’s interview with Dr. Atkins.

CAJ note: Be prepared for the worst, hope for the best. Stay safe. And don’t forget about the pets!

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