How to Handle the Coming Dividend Tax Hike

Jack Hough
Smart Money

…Unless Congress takes action, the top tax rate for the highest earners on most dividends, currently 15%, is set to jump to a whopping 43.4% next year. That is a maximum income-tax rate of 39.6% — since dividends will once again be taxed as regular income — plus a 3.8% tax on investment income as part of the health-care overhaul passed in 2009.

Higher dividend taxes could take some luster off dividend-paying stocks — and because the market is forward-looking, the fear is that their prices will fall sooner rather than later.

Dividend investors could protect themselves in the short term by placing options bets on a broad decline in dividend-paying shares, but that strategy is expensive. A better course for most is to seek a balance of income and growth stocks. In the income-stock portion, investors should favor those that promise to boost their dividend payments over those that merely have the largest “dividend yields,” or payments as a percentage of their stock prices…

…For purposes of planning and prudence, investors should assume higher dividend taxes are coming and focus on the likely fallout. History offers some useful clues…

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