‘I’m going to start looking for companies that actually stand for something’

Glenn Beck

A Jewish cosmetic company, AHAVA, has been forced to shut the doors on their London store after pressure from pro-Palestinian groups – and Glenn has decided he has had enough. While Glenn has not called for a boycott on companies he’s disagreed with – despite what the media has reported about his distaste for Levi’s progressive campaign – he is now calling for his audience to support business that do share the values that Glenn and his listeners feel are important.

The Blaze reports “Boycotters of Israeli products won a round after a two-year harassment campaign in London. AHAVA, the Israeli Dead Sea minerals cosmetics company, announced it closed one of its London stores this weekend.”

The Blaze continues to say that while the store had a loyal customer base it had become the center of mass Pro-Palestinian protests.

“Since 2009, pro-Palestinian activists have been gathering on weekends outside the store, harassing customers and employees. The protesters allege their problem with the company is it being based in Mitzpe Shalem, what they consider ‘an illegal and criminal settlement in the occupied territories.’ Protesters also consider the Dead Sea to be “disputed territory” even though a large swath of its shoreline is not even situated in the West Bank, rather in pre-1967 Israel,” The Blaze continues…

…Glenn emphasized that AHAVA was not an advertiser on any of his programs, “I’ve been a purchaser of their products. They’re not a purchaser of mine. Do it because it’s the right thing.”…

…“I could be the boycott guy, which I never have. I’ve never told you to off Keith Olbermann. He did that himself. I never told you don’t buy a product, don’t do this.”

“It’s your decision. I don’t want to put anybody out of business. They will put themselves out of business,” Glenn said.

“I am not going to put my money in any company anymore, if I can help it, that doesn’t stand for what I stand for. I’m going to look for, instead of saying I’m going to take my money out of here, I’m going to start looking for companies that actually stand for something. That actually believe in the same things that I do…”

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CAJ note: Glenn will be releasing a new book in November, Being George Washington: The Indespensable Man, as You’ve Never Seen Him

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