Investigation reveals conflict of interest

Louis Lombardi
Centre Daily Times

…Over the years, Mann has brought in millions of dollars for the university through his research. For the university to come to any other conclusion than that he acted appropriately would be an admission that the university has been fleecing those who gave the money.

How would such an admission affect not only future funding but also repaying funds already received? Thus, it is quite apparent what a predicament the university was in and why the university could not investigate Mann — as it was really investigating itself.

The conflict of interest is so apparent that one wonders why the university even bothered to produce this report on its own. It will not satisfy Mann’s critics, as it just seems to be a whitewash.

The better course — and one the university should have chosen — would have been to hire an independent firm to investigate, one with no past or potential future ties to the university. There are many law firms and investigative firms that fit this bill. If this had been done, most fair-minded people would buy the results. Here, all we have is the university proclaiming, “Nothing to see here, keep moving along.” Penn State may be selling this, but is anybody really buying it?…


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