Is the White House, SEC, and DNC Colluding to Destroy Goldman Sachs to Pass Financial Reform?

Erick Erickson

Few people are fans of Goldman Sachs on either side of the aisle these days, but FamousDC is raising some seriously troubling questions about the level of collusion between the SEC, White House, and DNC to get Financial Reform passed.

This is serious stuff. Just ask yourself what the reaction in the media would be if the Bush White House had done this.

In a nutshell: The SEC announced its charges Friday morning. At 10:38 a.m. the New York Times breaks the story. 28 minutes later Organizing for America sends out an email from Barack Obama calling on people to support Financial Reform.

Right after that, the New York Times released a massive story going after Goldman Sachs. By the afternoon the DNC has its Google Ads up tying the Goldman Sachs matter to Financial Reform.

This is stunning. Let’s not forget that Goldman was a top donor to Obama in 2008.

Read this entire time line. It is pretty scary how the White House is using the full arms of the government, including quasi-independent government agencies, and outside interest groups to create bad guys with which to pass ever creeping socialist reforms that will continue to cripple innovation in this country.

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