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McAuliffe: ‘I Don’t Care What Grade I Got from the NRA,’ More Gun Control Necessary

Awr Hawkins
Big Government
25 Oct 2013

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Speaking in the final Virginia gubernatorial debate on October 24, Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe said he doesn’t care “what grade [he] got from the NRA” and that more gun control is necessary.

The debate took place at Virginia Tech, and McAuliffe referenced the 2007 shooting on that campus as justification for more gun control.

Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli correctly stated more gun control would not have prohibited that shooting and that shooters like the killer in that instance, Seung-Hui Cho, are “almost impossible” to find before they decide to start shooting. McAuliffe replied, “Some people should not own guns.” He then defended his gun control proposals, saying: “I don’t care what grade I got from the NRA. I never want to see another Newtown or Aurora or Virginia Tech again.”…


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