Japan Earthquake: State-Run Media Will Focus on How it Affects Obama

Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: You know what I hope, folks? You know what I’m really hoping right now? I hope CNN has our old buddy Nic Robertson on the first plane out to Japan. I can’t wait for Nic Robertson to hit the ground in Japan, run up to people in the earthquake region and ask them if they have a message for President Obama…

…Some of that footage, that whirlpool in the ocean, I thought I was reading the Book of Revelation when I looked at that. It looked like the end times out there, either that or the special effects of a movie. But, folks, this has to be a tough call out there for the environmentalists around the world. They’re scrambling right now to blame this on global warming, they’re gonna try to find a way, but much of the damage in Japan seems to have happened in that part of Japan most heavily involved in manufacturing cars. So do the environmentalists cheer or do they pretend to be saddened by this? Well, it’s a legitimate question. I don’t know if the Prius is made in that particular area. That would really be a dilemma for ’em if the Prius or maybe electric cars are made in that area of Japan.


RUSH: By the way, the Prius is made in the area of the earthquake in Japan. So is the Nissan Leaf, the full-fledged electronic buggy…

RUSH: …By the way, what is the impact these videos make on you when you look at them? It makes me feel so insignificant to look at this — and I can’t help attaching, you know, political reaction to this. Here we’ve got these never-ending scare tactics: Global warming is gonna raise the sea levels, manmade destruction and all that. This is a bunch of people sitting around minding their own business. This is just the earth. It just happened. I have no doubt they’re gonna try to claim global warming had something to do with the earthquake and the tsunami. Well of course they will. That’s the only thing they’ve got is to try to tie natural disasters to what they have been forecasting. But you look at some of this video and you find out how insignificant we are.

We’re powerless. It’s just nothing but good luck that we make it through every day here. I know. There’s thousands of people being killed here. The death toll right now is 300; there are thousands. They’re gonna be finding bodies here for who knows how long. It is incredible some of these videos, some of this refuse and debris washing across what looks like agricultural lands. Houses floating in the middle of it, automobiles floating in the middle of it, trashed. Nothing can stop it. Now they’re evacuating people near a nuclear plant. That’s it. You can say good-bye to any nuclear plants in this country. This is like China Syndrome for real here, even though it had nothing to do with it.

You got a nuclear plant that is in the danger zone here. But it just to me illustrates, man, it’s just sheer luck in many ways that we make it through every day here — and I’m talking about on the planet. I will make a prediction to you about blame for this thing. Make a note here, Snerdley, and the rest of you. This is the 11th of March; it is Eastern time 1:37. By the way, we go on daylight time Saturday night. Just FYI. I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but at some point fracking will be blamed, particularly maybe fracking in the Dakotas. Fracking is a way to get oil. It’s a relatively new technique for extracting oil from very hard-to-get-it-from places, and we’re doing it in the United States…

…You watch, because there’s not a thing that happens in the world that isn’t tied to the left’s political agenda or that they don’t attempt to link to their political agenda. You watch. It isn’t going to be long before we get analysis of this press conference today and how Obama’s reaction to the earthquake helps him in his reelection bid.

It won’t be long before we have reporters in Tokyo asking citizens, “Did you hear what President Obama said? Did you hear him pledge solidarity and assistance on behalf of the American people? What message do you have for President Obama?” Don’t be surprised when it happens…

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Rush has this link on his site: UK Telegraph: Japanese Tsunami Creates Whirlpool. There is a video of the whirlpool embedded in the article.

H/T Althouse, who wrote:

Chris Matthews on the tsunami: “Was this sort of a good opportunity for the president to remind everybody that he grew up in the United States and Hawaii?”


Rush Limbaugh predicted it.

Althouse and Weasel Zippers are referring to this video:

Update: In the comments section of Blazing Cat Fur’s post, Holy Fukushima! (complete with photo of Godzilla) this exchange, which sounds very much like one we had here at CAJ, on Japanese stoicism:

kingoldby – (7:13 AM)

Notice how in the midst of a total disaster, with uncertainty and the real fear of a nuclear meltdown on top of a massive earthquake and devasting tsunami, the Japanese people and authorities remain calm and focused, even in the areas in great danger.

No looting, no shooting at rescue parties, no rioting, no emotional grandstanding or using peoples misery for political gain.

Interesting contrast with how some other peoples have responded to much lesser disasters.

Blazing Cat Fur – (7:19 AM)
This ain’t New orleans that’s for sure.

Update 2: From The Hindu [India]: U.S. delivers coolant to quake-hit Japan’s N-plant. At CNN: U.S. troops, searchers and equipment arriving in Japan.

(CNN) — The first wave of promised aid from the United States began arriving in Japan on Saturday in the wake of the devastating 8.9-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami.

More aid — in the form of equipment, staffers and search-and-rescue teams — was expected to arrive Sunday…

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