Limbaugh quotes C.S. Lewis in defense of Missouri rodeo clown

Rush Limbaugh Hammers Thin-Skinned Obama and the Left over the Missouri “Rodeo Clown” Fiasco

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We posted some audio earlier of Rush Limbaugh’s blasting of the whole “Obama Rodeo Clown” mess at the Missouri State Fair. But here is more extensive video of Rush on today’s show just hammering Obama and the Left for their outrageous behavior with this entire fiasco. Rush so very rightly points out repeatedly that Barack Obama could put an end to this by just calling off the dogs – laughing the whole thing off as any reasonable person would. But he stands silently by while people are “punished” for mocking the President. That, my friends, is what happens in Third World Dictatorships.


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‘Nails it!’ Drudge headlines, C.S. Lewis quote put rodeo clown flap in snarky nutshell [pic]




NAACP calls on Justice Dept., Secret Service to investigate rodeo clown flap

The Missouri chapter of the NAACP appealed for the U.S. Department of Justice and the Secret Service to launch an investigation and open a federal case against the rodeo clown who donned a mask of President Obama’s face and mocked with the crowd: Do you want to see a bull run down Mr. Obama? The NAACP says the clown was guilty of inciting violence against the president…



More from Dennis Miller’s Twitter feed:







‘You are good, Barack Obama. You are great’: Fury as mother uploads video of little boy appearing to pray to the President 

…Thanking the commander in chief for his courage and bravery, the boy, known as Stephen, even thanks God for endowing the president with ‘a special power’…



Update:  The White House Thinks Terrifying Overreaction to Rodeo Clown Appropriate 

A silly controversy surrounding a Missouri rodeo clown’s decision to don a mask of President Barack Obama before taunting bulls to attack him – a traditional practice in American rodeo culture – became frighteningly serious



Update 2#WeAreAllRodeoClowns: Glenn Beck promotes speaking out for the First Amendment

Never let it be said that we’re not responsive!

Glenn Beck started the hashtag #WeAreAllRodeoClowns as a way of speaking out for free speech in light of the massive over-reaction to a Missouri rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask…


Also, The Million Obama Mask March The comrades at The People’s Cube have mask suggestions. Date, Time, and Locations T.B.A.




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