‘Look! We’re sitting together!’

Mike Pence on the SOTU: ‘We Sat On the Republican Side’

Dana Loesch
Big Government

I felt the same as cartoonist Michael Ramirez (and likely many of you) when congress made a spectacle of themselves with their SOTU prom:

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I’ve spoken to several legislators who played up to the PR gimmick of reaching across the aisle and choosing “dates.” I’ve watched them giggle about it on the morning talk shows and Tweet each other.

“It’s symbolic,” said Democrats. You know what else is “symbolic?” Bringing the popular health control repeal bill to the senate floor for a vote. So spare me the ridiculously fake bipartisanship.

I asked this question of Rep. Mike Pence (honestly, my motivation was to later softly ridicule his answer if he bought into the faux-unity hype) and received a refreshing answer, a little more than six minutes in.

“We sat on the Republican side of the aisle.”


Dana’s interview audio is at BigGovernment.

CAJ note: Who is in charge of these things at the White House? “Winning the Future”? That was the theme of the President’s address. Have you ever sent an email? Or received an email? Or used Twitter or Facebook? Then you probably know that “WTF” are not initials you want to attach to a State of the Union Address…but it’s what many people were left asking themselves after the double-speak and “date night” crap finally ended last night.

I mean…WTF was that really all about?

Update: Donald Trump: Obama’s Praise of China in State of the Union was “Inappropriate.”

Update 2: At Instapundit, YOU WANT A “SPUTNIK MOMENT?” HERE’S YOUR FREAKIN’ SPUTNIK MOMENT: US Budget Deficit to Pass $1.5 Trillion This Year.

See, the thing about Sputnik was that it was really scary, because it meant the country was in danger — if the Russians could put a satellite overhead, they could put an H-bomb on New York in 20 minutes. That’s why we responded with a big change in how we did business…

Update 3: GatewayPundit: Sarah Palin on Barack Obama’s State of the Union Speech.
“His theme of WTF was spot-on.” Video of Palin/Van Susteren interview at the link.

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