‘Myth of the NRA favoring Republicans’

Video: The NRA’s got a fee-vah and the only prescription is endorsing more Democrats


Via Breitbart and Eyeblast, a status report on the state of race: This year fully 64 Dems are getting the seal of approval from Guns HQ, thanks mainly to the NRA’s policy of endorsing the incumbent if his/her rating on gun issues is the same as the challenger’s. I understand why this grates so much with the righty base, but isn’t it actually a good thing to have Democrats actively competing for the NRA’s endorsement? If the NRA becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the GOP, centrist Dems in purple districts have no incentive to vote in favor of gun rights apart from pure principle. On the contrary, they’d have an incentive to vote against gun rights since that way at least they can earn donations from anti-gun groups. Better to have them well-trained by the NRA to jump through hoops with the prospect of a reward at the end, no? Especially since an official endorsement is likely to mean little to devoted gun-rights supporters, who know that they’re safer with the Republican in office than the Democrat. How am I wrong here?

There’s video (NRA Helping Pelosi) at HotAir.com

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