VFW PAC Endorses Klein Over War Hero Allen West

Michael Warren
The Weekly Standard

Blogger Mr. Wolf at Blackfive is rightfully livid over the Veterans of Foreign Wars political action committee endorsing Democrat Ron Klein over Republican Allen West in the race for Florida’s 22nd District. Not only is retired Army lieutenant colonel West a heroic veteran of Iraq and the son and brother of veterans, but Klein has never served in uniform. VFW PAC director Salvatore Capirchio says the endorsement is based on Klein’s “strong support for veterans, national security & defense, and military personnel issues.”

Project Vote Smart has a list of Klein’s military issues voting record here. Klein has supported defense authorization bills, and most recently he’s voted against limiting funding for the war in Afghanistan. But the record shows Klein voted against funding for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq back in 2008, voted for withdrawal timetables in 2007, and voted for the House concurrent resolution in 2007 which expressed disapproval of the Iraq War surge.

The VFW PAC has a long list of 2010 endorsements, which include Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Alan Grayson, Harry Reid, Jim Moran, and several other confusing choices.

The article, with video, continues at The Weekly Standard.

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