Obama administration eases rules to allow illegal immigrants to apply for legal status

Tina Korbe

The Obama administration today announced a move that will make it easier for illegal immigrants to remain in the country while their applications for legal status are processed. It’s the sort of policy that appeals to those who’ve heard heartbreaking stories of familial separation related to illegal immigration — and to voters Obama knows he needs. From The Washington Times:

The Obama administration on Friday proposed new hardship rules that would make it easier for illegal immigrants to apply for legal status and stay in the country if they have a spouse or parent already living here legally. …

Homeland Security officials, who announced the change in the Federal Register, said the change only applies when an illegal immigrant has a family member living in the U.S. legally and who would be subject to “hardship” if they were separated from each other.

Under the current system, it takes an average of six months for the government to judge waiver cases, and illegal immigrant applicants are required to go home during that period. The new rule means the illegal immigrant can stay in the U.S. during the adjudication period.

Townhall.com’s Erika Johnsen puts this politically-motivated move into perspective…

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