Obama still wants Paterson off the ticket

Fredric U. Dicker
New York Post
January 4, 2010

President Obama still wants Gov. Paterson dumped from the Democratic ticket, even though the field of GOP candidates for governor is weaker now that Rudy Giuliani is out of the race, a high-level source close to the White House told The Post.

Paterson told friends and associates in recent days — and even suggested on “Larry King Live” — that the announcement by Giuliani, who polls showed would have crushed Paterson, has led the president to reconsider the stunning September disclosure that he was opposed to the governor’s candidacy.

But the White House source, who has direct knowledge of the president’s views, insisted, “Nothing has changed.”

“Rin Tin Tin could beat Paterson,” said the source, a well-known figure in state and national Democratic circles.

“Paterson’s position is as bad as any incumbent governor anywhere in America.”

The source said Attorney General Andrew Cuomo “has to run,” and predicted he would be a strong candidate.

While the source wouldn’t say whether Obama would intervene even more aggressively to force Paterson out of the race, he suggested the governor might have no choice. “This has its own weight,” he said.

The article continues at NYPost.

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